Hum insaan bade ajeeb hain.Ek taraf kehte hain jo hua so hua.Jo hua achche k liye hua.Bhagwaan ki marzi se hua.Hua taaki humein aur behtar cheez mile.Aise hi khudko dilasa dete rehte hain hum.Par fir bhi, jo hua usko seene se lagakar zindagi bita dete hain.Jo chhoot gaya usey wapas paane ki aas mein saanseContinue reading “Dilaasa..”

Chasing Storms

“What’s brought you here?” she asked.
“To this dialogue or this beach?” I jested, attempting to sound witty.
“To this moment in your life,” she said, sounding genuinely interested; her eyes now gazing straight into my own, as though peering into my life.

A Community Of The Dysfunctional

#latenightmusings As you reach your 30s you end up having a set of people you share your shit with. This group isn’t the same as the one you had in school. Even if it is, your conversations have evolved. You don’t speak of trivial things but of matters of constitution. Your mental health, your crushedContinue reading “A Community Of The Dysfunctional”