I live in the moment. I live in the moment. I live in the moment and that’s what I say to myself, While my heart’s in 2010 Sorting through its mirage. Only tiny grains of sand Slipping right through its hands. My grainy past, Like shards of glass And diamonds. Shimmering, cutting, bruising. But it’sContinue reading “Now”

Chasing Storms

“What’s brought you here?” she asked.
“To this dialogue or this beach?” I jested, attempting to sound witty.
“To this moment in your life,” she said, sounding genuinely interested; her eyes now gazing straight into my own, as though peering into my life.

My First Therapy Session

Everyone needs therapy. I don’t say this because I just had my first therapy session today; I say this because I truly believe our generation deserves better and needs to do better. At present, we are a group of broken people, raised by other broken people, who didn’t know any better. They made mistakes alongContinue reading “My First Therapy Session”

Why I Am Grateful For The Year 2020

While this lockdown has unfortunately made many feel trapped & restricted at home, I feel blessed to have been presented by it with liberation, instead. Liberation from my own thoughts, by my own thoughts, for my own thoughts.