ThatBhaumikGirl Reviews The Paper Boy – Ep6

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I was looking to write a piece about child labour and so I began researching the subject. In my lookout for information about child labour in India, I came across a hidden gem. I bumped into the short film, “The Paper Boy” on Disney+Hotstar. This critically acclaimed 15 min movie has been directed by Aniket Mitra, who is also the storyboard artist for Dil Bechara. The music, which is undoubtedly the backbone of this no dialogue movie, has been given by Subhojyoti Pal. The movie touches you in every scene, and makes you think about your privileges, while shedding light on the life of a young & homeless, newspaper delivery boy. 

Based in the old & busy city of Kolkata, this movie follows a young newspaper delivery boy throughout his day. We watch as he is awoken early morning, delivering newspapers, etching on a brick wall, and dreaming to live a life every child deserves. The movie speaks to you most through its background score, and the exceptional acting of the child, Raja, who delivers emotions better than any Bollywood actor. Within a short duration, this short film manages to convey to you the hopes and dreams of this small newspaper boy, and the reality of so many others that we come across every day and overlook. 

How many times, as children, have we thrown tantrums when our parents refused to buy us a particular toy we liked? How many times have we actually stopped and considered how privileged we are to have a roof above our heads, access to clean water, hygienic food, and education? How many times have we looked at beggar children or children selling stuff on trains and wondered if they go to school? And how many times have we actually done something to  help them?  This short film is a reminder of these millions of homeless children we come across every day, and move on, without once stopping to consider how we can help them. How even something as simple a used shoe in the cold winter, means more to them than anything possibly can.

I feel The Paper Boy is a movie that should certainly be watched & amplified, for it’s one of those films that really makes you think hard about how you sometimes live life ungratefully. Do watch this movie on Disney+Hotstar, and tell me what you thought about it. You can listen to my full review for this movie on my podcast below. Also, follow my podcast channel, ‘ThatBhaumikGirl Reviews!’ on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, JioSaavn, Soundcloud or Podbay & follow me on Instagram for regular updates.

ThatBhaumikGirl Rates The Paper Boy – A Short Film

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
ThatBhaumikGirl Movie Review Podcast of.The Paper Boy – Ep6

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