Closer To Heaven

Photo Clicked by Aarushi Raina Bhaumik of the clouds for her poem Closer To Heaven on ThatBhaumikGirl

Three tens of thousand feet high,
Humming that familiar tune,
With my thoughts, sat I; gazing,
Scenes from a dream, yet, unseen.
A vast canvas so white, reflecting,
What my eyes had once perceived.
The frames were set in motion,
Not unlike the mammoth vessel,
Speeding, darting through the mist,
Seven hundred miles per hour. I watched,
A glimmer of another day, foreshadowing,
The view of a million stars, flickering,
His hand entwined with mine, would be,
And the quiet moon, set at par. I’d be,
Closer to heaven, then. Now,
Thirty-five thousand feet high,
I think of him, with him next to me,
And smile, with a sigh.

– Aarushi Raina Bhaumik

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