ThatBhaumikGirl Reviews Shakuntala Devi – Ep4

Shakuntala Devi movie review podcast

I watched Shakuntala Devi directed by Anu Menon, starring Vidya Balan on Amazon Prime, and consider me mindblown – not by the movie, but by Shakuntala Devi’s character. The movie is Shakuntala Devi’s daughter, Anupama Banerjee’s daughter’s account of her mother’s life, and makes for an uneven cinematic journey. Even so, it’s impossible to ignore the charisma Vidya Balan’s dynamic performance brings to the story. 

ThatBhaumikGirl Movie Review Podcast Shakuntala Devi – Ep4

The movie starts with Anupama Banerjee having filed a case against her mother, Shakuntala Devi, the mathematical genius, who is revered all over the world as the Human-Computer. It then takes us through Shakuntala Devi’s rise to fame and the more intimate aspects of her life. Watch this movie for the inspiration that is this woman’s life, and for the lessons, you learn along the way. You can listen to the full review of Shakuntala Devi in my podcast below. Also, follow my podcast channel, ‘ThatBhaumikGirl Reviews!’ on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, JioSaavn, Soundcloud or Podbay & follow me on Instagram for regular updates.

ThatBhaumikGirl Rates Shakuntala Devi

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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