30 Resolutions for When You Turn 30

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Milestone birthdays often come with a lot of societal pressure. You see your batchmates or even your juniors get married before you, post their pregnancy or first child’s photos. And you naturally begin to think whether you’re on the right track in life. Thoughts of whether you have accomplished as much or at least equivalent to what your peers have before you hit a certain milestone birthday can begin haunting you. Ironically, those of us born in 1990 have had or are yet to have a major milestone birthday this year. So, while growth is a continuous process, and it’s natural to wonder where you are in life, here are thirty resolutions you may consider taking for when you turn THIRTY!

There’s so much pressure about turning thirty that popular sitcom Friends even had an entire episode dedicated to it!
  1. Be more self-aware.
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously or compare yourself with your peers.
  3. Check your privilege.
  4. Be kinder to yourself.
  5. Write your thoughts down more often.
  6. Make your mental health a priority.
  7. Read at least one book every month.
  8. Do at least one activity just for your own self, every day.
  9. Be more regular with your health check-ups.
  10. Begin managing your finances better.
  11. Be kinder to people.
  12. Maintain a better sleep schedule.
  13. Distance yourself from unnecessary drama.
  14. Catch up with at least one friend you haven’t spoken to in a while on weekends.
  15. Check your screentime.
  16. Move about more often.
  17. Walk at least for 30 mins every day.
  18. Meditate for at least 10 mins every day.
  19. Exercise more often.
  20. Travel more often.
  21. Tackle an irrational fear at least once every month.
  22. Cook more often.
  23. Eat out less frequently.
  24. Smile at people more often.
  25. Say positive things about yourself more often.
  26. Say positive things even about people you don’t like, more often.
  27. Gossip less.
  28. Give to charity more often.
  29. Speak to your friends more often.
  30. Know that this too shall pass.

Drop me a comment & let me know which resolutions you have taken or intend to take up for when you hit a special age.

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2 thoughts on “30 Resolutions for When You Turn 30

    1. That’s a really good resolution. Submit yourself to what you can’t control, and take charge of what you can, by doing something that benefits at least someone, every day. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog!


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