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Hey, remember when we were kids? Let’s talk about that clichéd stuff for a bit, shall we? The biggest crisis we probably faced was that a friend at school shared their lunch with another kid? Did you also feel as though it was the betrayal of the century? Or when your report card had a B+ instead of an A, and your class teacher kept expressing how much ‘potential’ you had, but lost out on ‘good grades’ due to ‘silly mistakes’? Was it just me, or were you also as ‘prodigal’ as your class teacher convinced your parents you were?

Obviously, we’ve all crossed that stage. We’re adults now, doing plenty adulting. 80% of our batchmates are married, 65% live abroad, 40% have kids, and well, a 100% of us have shed enough tears to understand, all those ‘issues’ we faced as children, were actually some of the best moments of our lives! Each experience, however minuscule, has shaped our lives & our personalities. Each tear we’ve shed has washed away our innocence, one circumstance after another. It’s made us stronger, more aware, more determined, and sturdier.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to write. And in my 29 years of existence, I have realised, that there is nothing more fantastical, than reality itself. So, by means of this blog page, I intend on sharing these experiences that have shaped my life. I intend on telling you, who thatbhaumikgirl really is.

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If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask." - Helena Ravenclaw

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